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If you build it... They will come...

 After much planning and lot's of calls and emails. we at MUM are finally ready to announce the first of many weekend workshops, the Austin Guitar and Bass weekend

 Many of you reading this are aware of the demise of the NGW, of which we were all a part of for many years. The experience of being part of that community brought a family together that will continue with MUM. We are a network of highly experienced working professionals who are truly passionate about education. 

 Most of you can't take a week off to go to a music workshop somewhere far away from home. But a friday afternoon you can get away! You'll be home sunday! The goal of MUM is to bring a truly immersive experience to your town over the weekend. We use local faculty, all of whom have been part of this way of teaching for many years. This keeps our costs down which we can pass on to you. We hope to roll out many locations over the following years and providing instruction and inspiration!

The Wyndham Gardens in south Austin is a truly great venue for this event! There's a guitar hanging over the front door as you walk in and the walls are festooned with pictures of great Austin musicians! It's a very music friendly hotel and we have access to the classrooms in the evenings for jamming! We have special attendee rates for students coming in from out of town, ask Allison (our student co-ordinator) for info!

Austin is a great town for music! Almost 200 acts perform nightly and there's great food and attractions all over central Texas. All the instructors live here and can easily give you great tips on dining and entertainment.

 We look forward to seeing many former students and meeting new ones. We promise you a great weekend!