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 Most guitar players don't play their guitar, their guitar plays them. What I mean by this is many guitarists learn scale patterns and wiggle their fingers around the pattern without really controlling what is coming out of their instrument.

 How do we communicate with each other? We use our voices. It makes sense to connect your speech center to your instrument. Try this exercise:

 Play a single note of a scale and match that pitch with your voice. Covering one ear with a finger will help you match the pitch. Once you have matched that pitch, try playing notes above and below that pitch, singing the notes as you go.

 Now try a simple lick, singing as you play. It will be slow going at first, but you will get the concept as you practice. As you get better at this, you'll be able to sing along as you improvise. If you can sing along with your improvisation, You'll make a connection with your instrument you cannot any other way.

 You hear what you want to play in your head when you pick up your instrument. As you master this concept you'll be able to direct your improvisations. When you hear a lick, you'll be able to sing it, and find it on your instrument.

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